Citizens of Mississippi have a huge chance of encountering some form of pest infestation — if you’re living in MS, you know for a fact that handling pests, specifically mosquitos, can be a frustrating task. Before you try a DIY solution, keep in mind that unprofessional types of mosquito control can bring negative consequences, like exposing you, your family, and your pets to harmful chemicals or even destroying your yard.

If your yard or any part of your home is infested with mosquitoes, turn to Pest Coupons for discount pest control in Mississippi — it’s worth the investment. This article will walk you through the reasons why investing in professional work is worth the price.

Why Should You Hire Mosquito Yard Treatment Professionals?

Dealing with mosquitoes takes more than buying some bug-repellant sprays. Since the entire process demands knowledge and experience, you should leave mosquito prevention and removal to the professionals. When you bring in experts, they can…

  • Identify the type of mosquito and their hiding places. Before dealing with mosquitoes, you must first determine which of the following species they belong to: Aedes, Culex, or Anopheles. Each species can spread a specific type of disease, so identifying the species will allow you to know what diseases you may have been exposed to, especially if the mosquito infestation started weeks or months ago.
    Since pest control professionals are experienced in mosquito control, they’re familiar with the common types of mosquito species in Mississippi. They also know where these pests usually live and thrive, so they can ensure a quicker and more thorough elimination process.
  • Remove larvae. Most people aren’t aware that mosquitoes spend most of their lifespan underwater, which is difficult to treat with standard prevention methods. A single mosquito is capable of breeding around 100 larvae, which means that finding and removing these larvae is essential to stopping the growth of the infestation.
    To prevent larvae from hatching, professionals focus on the breeding grounds with the safest and most efficient mosquito prevention equipment. This will halt the hatching of more mosquitoes so they will no longer bother you.
  • Avoid damage. Mississippi homeowners may think that hiring a pest control expert is going to be another strain on their wallets, but the damage that mosquito removal can prevent to yard furniture or plants can wind up paying for itself. By hiring a professional to apply mosquito repellent for yards, you can rest assured that your home and your plants will be safeguarded from the dangers that mosquitoes bring. Hiring an expert is truly worth every penny!
  • Bring in a team of specialists. Since there are plenty of DIY tutorials when it comes to mosquito control, it can be overwhelming to try to choose the safest and most effective method for your yard. Going the DIY route also requires knowing what products to use, how to use them, and which specific areas require treatment.
    Fortunately, companies that are dedicated to mosquito prevention have teams of skilled and trained professionals to handle the task. They’ll be able to set up an appropriate pest control plan for your home on the first try, saving you the time, effort, and money that would otherwise be sunk into DIY trial and error.

How Can You Prevent Mosquitoes?

After a pest control company takes care of pesky mosquitoes, it’s crucial for you to practice due diligence to be certain that these pests won’t return to your home. Here are some effective mosquito control tips to implement from the get-go:

  • Drain standing water. Standing water is a literal breeding ground for mosquito larvae. To prevent the larvae from being laid and hatched here, keep your gutters clear of debris, ensuring proper water flow. Make sure to discard any open cans, pots, buckets, or anything that’s capable of holding standing water. Lastly, make sure to cover your trash containers and change your pet’s water dishes and the water in your birdbath every day.
  • Use Essential Oils. While it’s not as effective as a dedicated mosquito repellent for yard, essential oils can repel mosquitoes. Mix a few drops of eucalyptus, lemon, and lavender essential oils with a single cup of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, shake properly, then apply to areas where mosquitoes are likely to congregate or lay eggs.

What Types of Diseases Do Mosquitoes Carry?

If left untreated, mosquitoes put you and your family at risk of being exposed to very serious illnesses. Here’s a brief breakdown of the two most common diseases carried by mosquitoes.

West Nile Virus

Found in Mississippi as recently as 2022, the West Nile Virus (WNV) is a disease that can affect people, horses, and birds. It is also the most common mosquito-borne disease in the state. Some people show no signs of being infected with the WNV, but it can be deadly for elders and those who have a weak immune system. In fact, according to the CDC West Nile Virus can cause serious and fatal consequences for 1 out of every 150 people that are infected.


As the most common vector-borne viral disease, dengue has caused an estimated 50 to 100 million infections per year globally. It’s estimated that the disease claims 25,000 lives annually. In the United States, incidences are low but are rising quickly.

How Can You Apply Proper Mosquito Prevention Guidelines?

To ensure that you and your family’s health is safeguarded from the dangers of mosquitoes, make sure to call a professional to handle mosquito control for your yard and home. Practice due diligence concerning mosquito yard treatment. By doing what you can and letting the professionals handle the rest, disease-carrying pests will finally leave your Mississippi home alone.