Pest prevention starts at home. While pest control professionals are the most effective way to stop bugs from invading your property, there are plenty of steps homeowners can take to fortify their defenses against pests seeking shelter. This blog covers basic general measures for keeping out pests. But remember, the best way to stave off a pest problem is by calling the professionals!

Bug-Proof Your Home from the Inside

The general indoor measures for keeping out pests are inclusive of most residential properties. While they may not deter every insect in the wild, they will drastically reduce the amount of insects in your home.

  • Screen Installations. Screens provide necessary ventilation while limiting the space an insect can crawl through. The recommended variety of screen is a 20 mesh or finer to ensure most insects are stopped outside.
  • Crack Fillers. Just one crack can invite a whole host of insects inside. During your spring cleaning efforts, take the time to identify any cracks or crevices that may invite a pest into your house.
  • Seal Doors. Door gaps are relatively common and can appear depending on the weather or foundational shifts. Inspect your door seals to make sure no insects can get through. They also reduce drafts, saving energy!
  • Food Storage. The top preventative measure homeowners can take to prevent pests is avoiding attracting pests. Insects are attracted to leftover food and garbage. When you’re finished eating, immediately seal up your food and make sure to take out your trash regularly.
  • If pests are afoot, incorporate regular sanitation procedures into your routine. A damp cloth doesn’t always cut it when wiping down counters. Pro Tip: Vinegar is a great pest deterrent. Insects such as ants detest the smell of vinegar. It will also overpower any scents the insects have left behind to follow.

Orkin Exclusion Services. If you’re having difficulty keeping pests out of your house, even after taking these precautionary measures, fear not! Orkin offers Exclusion Services that provide effective, long-term methods to help physically keep pests from entering your building.

Bug-Proof Your Home from the Outside

While sealing all entryways is a good way to prevent insects, pest prevention starts with outdoor security measures. Insects are looking for two things: food and shelter. There are plenty of ways to reduce those things outside as well.

  • Yard Clean-Up. Remove any clutter in your yard, especially leaves and grass clippings. Keep trimmings away from your foundation and drainage. The farther your yard clutter is away from your house, the farther insects will stay from your house.
  • Seal Outdoor Garbage and Compost. Food is food, and insects will follow the scent anywhere. Tightly seal your trash receptacles to avoid insects from gathering outside. Be mindful about the foods you choose to compost. Avoid composting items such as fish, bones, meats, or oils. Secure with a fitted lid.
  • Befriend Your Local Birds and Bats. Birds and bats love to snack on local pests. You can encourage them to frolic in your yard by setting up birdhouses and providing freshwater sources.
  • Yard Inspections. Conduct regular yard inspections to ensure all of your pest-proofing measures remain intact and effective.

What to Do When a Pest Makes it Inside

Most insects are safe to handle and won’t cause any problems inside. That being said, they can be pretty creepy, and it’s understandable to want to get rid of the insect. Most times, you can put the insect in a cup or use the old “shoe to floor” method. There are times, however, when it is necessary to call a professional to eliminate a pest.

  • The Pest is Dangerous. Some insects, such as spiders and wasps, can be hazardous to your health. If you see an insect you suspect is dangerous, don’t risk handling it and getting potentially bitten or stung. Give Orkin a call for all your pest control needs!
  • The Pests are Plentiful. One pest is annoying. Multiple pests could be a sign of an infestation. If you start to see warning signs, such as multiple pests, baby pests, or signs of pest residue, call a professional immediately to conduct an inspection.

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