The winter chill has finally lifted! There may be less frostbite, but now you have to worry about termite bites! (Disclaimer: Termites do not bite humans, but they love to chomp on the wood in your home and property!) Springtime is termite swarm season, and it’s not too far away. Typically, most Mississippi termites begin to swarm in early April, but they can start even sooner, depending on the weather. The number one piece of advice we give our friends, clients, and customers is to triple-check that you have a termite contract and that it is valid! Orkin offers termite prevention options that will keep your property protected all year long. Even with the mightiest protection, it still stands to reason that you should arm yourself with knowledge that can help you minimize unpleasant termite encounters this swarm season.

Why Do Termites Swarm in Mississippi?

There are two main categories of termite: Subterranean and Above Ground. Both varieties swarm, but because Subterranean Termites swarm in spring, this article will focus primarily on their habits.

If you see a swarm of termites near your property, don’t panic yet. Contrary to popular belief, swarming termites do not cause structural damage. These passionate insects are engaging in a graceless dance to find a mate and start their own colonies. The prospective kings and queens are not very good flyers, so after haplessly lurching through the air they soon break off their wings and settle down to start their new colony.

This is when you should panic. You do not want a termite colony scouting out the delicious-looking damp mulch next to your equally delicious-looking woodshed.

Industry Termite Tip: If you find swarms of termites inside of your home, understand that those particular termites are not causing any damage. However, some termite gave birth to those swarmers, and that termite likely lives in your walls. Call Orkin immediately for extermination.

After the Swarm: Starting a Mississippi Termite Colony

After the happily united termites break off their wings, the female takes the initiative to find a spot to nest. This place will almost always have the following qualities:

  • The location will be Damp
  • The location will be made of Wood
  • The location will be Outside

Termites will almost never nest inside of your home due to lack of resources. They like to munch on your walls and bring the wood back out to the cozy main colony.

How to Protect Your Property from Swarming Termites Looking to Nest

There are a few handy hacks anyone can implement to prevent swarming and mating termites from settling in and getting comfortable. Most of these tricks involve keeping tempting food sources far away from your property.

  • Firewood. If you have rotting firewood leftover from the chilly season, take precautions to keep it dry and unappetizing. Regardless of your efforts, the safest bet is to keep your wood above ground. Reducing contact with the ground makes it more difficult for termites to access.
  • Soil and Mulch. Make sure your soggy soil and mulch is pulled a few feet away from your foundation. Allowing moisture to accumulate near your foundation is the best way to welcome potential termite invaders.
  • Crawlspaces. When you take steps to reduce moisture in your crawl space, you are protecting your home from termite damage. You can defend your crawls space with humidifiers and vapor barrier options.