If you have ever felt a terrible trembling or dizzying dismay at the thought of a mouse, you may have a common condition called Musophobia. While often associated with mice, Musophobia refers to the detrimental fear of both mice and rats. There’s no shame in this condition, as it affects hundreds of thousands of people around the world! It is worth noting that a useful countermeasure against any phobia is coming to an understanding of the subject and why it is so upsetting. For example, many of those who fear mice consider them to be dangerous carriers of disease. Knowledge is power when it comes to rodents, which is why we at Orkin have compiled everything you need to know about keeping rodents out this winter!

Important Facts About Mice and Rats

The most important fact to know about rodents is that they seek food, water, and shelter, just like any mammal. They are need-based creatures, so they will rarely appear without provocation. The following are some of the reasons that all people should avoid a rodent infestation.

  • Rodent Health Risks. While mice and rats are not naturally aggressive, they can be hazardous for your health in other ways. Mice and rats are known carriers of over 35 diseases and can deposit serious allergens in your house. Unfortunately, all of the common signs of rodents, such as droppings and urine, can also be dangerous for you to come into contact with.
  • Rodent Preferences. Rodents are relatively skittish and wouldn’t decide to cohabitate with humans unless there was something in it for them. Cozy walls, a plethora of food, and plenty of wood to gnaw on are all the things rodents love the most. There are ways to prevent rodent entry, so you have less to worry about during the chilly months.
  • Signs of Rodents. The best (and only) good thing about rodent guests is they are not secretive about their foray into your home. Mice leave behind scents, sights, and sounds for you to follow to determine where they are nesting.

Call Orkin for Your Rodent Control Needs

If all else fails, and you require the assistance of a team of rodent control professionals, call Orkin! We will evaluate your property and tailor a solution to your rodent problem. Call us at 601-582-3282 to schedule your rodent control appointment!

Microbial Diseases and Infections: Orkin VitalClean and The Invisible Pest

Just because you can’t see a pest doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Microbial diseases are defined as the sickness caused in humans and animals by the introduction of one of the following types of microbes: Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and Protozoa. These types of diseases are transmitted through the air through acts such as sneezing, coughing, or talking. Sound familiar? That’s because COVID-19 is a microbial disease. They can also be spread through shaking hands, touching surfaces, or fecal transmission.

Orkin has services to protect your commercial property from even the smallest of pests. Orkin VitalClean services use an EPA-registered disinfectant labeled for use against a wide variety of pathogens, including other known coronaviruses.

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