There are lots of benefits to OrkinTherm® Blown-In Insulation! Homeowners love insulation because it acts as a barrier between pesky pests, that are escaping the chill of fall and winter, and your home. Blown-in insulation is also proven to reduce high utility bill costs because it protects your home from drafts. Whether you are trying to keep out bugs, critters, or drafts, Orkin has a solution that will protect your home. Read on to learn more about the benefits of OrkinTherm® Blown-In Insulation!

What is OrkinTherm®?

At Orkin Pest Control, all of our products are scientifically tested (and retested) to ensure maximum pest control capabilities. OrkinTherm® is an environmentally friendly insulation, used for your attic and walls! The insulation material is safe, sturdy, and sustainable. OrkinTherm® is made from 85% recycled material and is the only pest management product labeled by the EPA that bears an Energy Star® label.

Why Customers Choose Blown-in Insulation

Pest Control. No matter how well you maintain your home, there are inevitable access points for pests to get inside. Bugs and insects are constantly on the lookout for gaps in your home’s foundation, such as windows, doors, and utility access points.

Reduce Utility Costs. The EPA estimates that homeowners can save up to 15% on energy costs by sealing their homes with insulation, such as OrkinTherm®. It’s an easy way to keep pests out and save tons of money on energy bills!

Tax Credit Opportunities. Have you heard of the IRS Energy Efficiency Tax Credit for Homeowners? Until the end of the year, homeowners can be eligible for a $500 tax credit on insulation! (Or 10% of qualified energy improvements, such as OrkinTherm® insulation.)

What to Expect During Your Blown-in Insulation Project

Termite and pest control customers love Orkin because of our three-step process: Assess, Implement, and Monitor. Before beginning any large-scale project, Orkin takes a good look at your home and determines which customized treatment plan works best for your pest control needs. Our three-step plan ensures our customers get the right pest control treatment every time.

Step One: Assess (Free Insulation Inspection!) This one’s a customer favorite. With any Orkin Pest Control Blown-In Insulation treatment, the customer receives a free insulation inspection to make sure the material is right for their control needs. The Orkin Technicians will come out to your residence and assess your current pest control and insulation situation, determining whether OrkinTherm® is the right solution for your home!

Step Two: Implement (Completing the Job) The most important step is the installation process. Your Orkin professional will develop a plan based upon the findings during your free inspection.

Step Three: Monitor (A Year-Round Solution) You can count on Orkin to monitor and protect your home all year long. The best part about OrkinTherm® is that it does not have to be removed or replaced! Once the insulation has been blown-in, it immediately gets to work protecting your home from pests and chilly air!