Have you ever heard that cockroaches are indestructible? Well, they sort of are! Cockroaches have survived bombs, nuclear warfare and famine. How? The following list outlines five incredible facts about cockroaches, and their ability to survive just about anything!

About the Mighty Roach

Cockroaches have been around for over 300 million years, making them one of the oldest groups of insects in the world. It takes a lot of stamina, and plenty of evolutionary tools, to survive a megaannum, much less three.

While the humble roach is never greeted with a warm welcome, they are useful organic recyclers in their natural habitat. Cockroaches are eaters of things and help dead matter decompose. However, this means they apply the same, ravenous behavior to any place that offers dark, damp protection, which can often lead to roach infestations in residential homes, hotels and restaurants.

5 Fun Facts About Roaches

    • Cockroaches Can Live a Week Without Their Head
      As shocking as it seems, this fact is completely accurate. A cockroach can live for up to a week without its head! This bizarre phenomenon is due to their unique circulatory system, which enables them to breathe through holes called spiracles in their body segments. The roach only dies because, without its mouth, it cannot eat or drink.
    • Cockroaches Can Hold Their Breath Under Water for Over 40 Minutes
      In a similar vein, cockroaches can survive fully submerged in a body of water because they do not breathe through their mouth. When submerged, a cockroach can close its spiracles and keep the water out. While cockroaches do not swim in a traditional sense, they do float and have been known to swim into homes through pipes and plumbing.
    • Cockroaches Can Regrow Limbs
      Learning about cockroaches can make them seem like aliens out of a science fiction novel. Not only can they survive astronomical feats, but they can even regenerate a lost leg! While the limb does not appear overnight, cockroaches are unique in the sense that they can regenerate a leg in the span of a single molting cycle, as opposed to some other regenerating insects, who regenerate more slowly over the course of several larval molting stages.
    • Cockroaches Have An Incredible Sense of Smell
      Cockroaches have nearly twice as many olfactory receptors as other insect species. That is why they are so difficult to exterminate in businesses that deal with food. Even the smallest amounts of missed food in a hidden nook can attract a hungry cockroach. They can smell your food even if they are outside your home!
    • Cockroaches Need Protein…And Human Skin Has Protein
      In cases of particularly large infestations, cockroaches need to get creative in order to find the nutrients they need to survive. Unfortunately for humans, toenails, fingernails, hair follicles and eyelashes all contain protein. American cockroaches have even been documented feeding on the eyelashes and toenails of sleeping children. While cockroaches are unlikely to bite a living human, an extreme infestation leads roaches to desperate behavior. Like most insect bites, a cockroach bite will swell and become itchy. In rare cases they can become infected.

Bonus Fact: How a Roach Infestation Affects Your Health

When it comes to roaches, you can never go wrong with preventative pest control. The more scientists learn about roaches, the more they realize just how many diseases and bacteria they carry around with them. Cockroaches can carry up to 33 kinds of bacteria, seven known pathogens and six parasitic worms. Because cockroaches are attracted to open food, they are often the source of food contamination. If you suspect you have a cockroach infestation, make sure to keep all of your food safely sealed and stored.

Additionally, cockroaches can cause problems for those suffering from asthma. Their saliva, feces and shed body parts can trigger asthmatic and allergic reactions. These reactions are particularly strong in asthmatic children.

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