Is your special someone asking for a glittering gift, this holiday season? Something Silver? What about something Gold? Now introducing the new Orkin Membership Plans, so you can get your sweetheart something you will both enjoy: A Pest Free Home! Our Silver Membership plan is the perfect stocking stuffer for homeowners looking for an easy, cost-effective membership that covers common household pests. And, for those who need extra termite protection, our Gold Membership plan includes pest protection and defends your home against termites!

Silver Membership Plan

Do you have pest problems? The new Orkin Silver Membership Plan has a solution! You will receive interior and exterior Pest Control Services every other month, including flea, specialty ant, wasp and bee, roach and rodent treatments! You also receive FREE extra service calls within 48 hours, if needed! It is the perfect plan for homeowners interested in saving time and money by preemptively protecting their home and yard. This plan is covered by bank draft or auto pay.

Gold Membership Plan

The new Orkin Gold Membership Plan includes everything in our Silver plan, as well as the Sentricon Always Active Termite Bait System! Termites are a part of life, if you live in Mississippi. Do not let them destroy your home! Sign up for the new Orkin Gold Membership Plan today and keep your property safe from the most destructive bug in America.

Cold Weather Brings Unwelcome Guests to Your Home

It is getting chilly out there, which makes your cozy home an ideal target for nesting pests, such as mice and rats. Thankfully, the new Orkin Silver and Gold membership plans both include protection from common household pests, including vermin.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Your heart drops as you hear the familiar scurry of nails, scratching across the inside of your walls. Or, maybe you find mouse droppings in your attic! There are plenty of signs that can help you identify a mousey invasion.

    • Mouse Droppings: Not only are mouse droppings gross, but they are also dangerous! If you find raisin-like droppings in a scatter pattern, you probably have a mouse problem. Take care and use protective gear while cleaning up mouse droppings, because they carry Hantavirus. When disturbed, the virus can become airborne and cause your family potential health problems. If you find mouse droppings, call your trusted pest control company immediately!
    • Signs of Chewing: Mice have continuously growing teeth, so they gnaw on anything and everything to keep them short. If you have a mouse infestation, you will notice bite marks on items such as electrical wiring, furniture, molding, upholstery and bedding.
    • Mice: This may seem obvious, but it is important to note that not all mouse sightings warrant an emergency. If you see a mouse in your shed or garage, there is probably no need to panic. However, if you see a mouse in a high-traffic area, such as your kitchen, living room or bedroom, you probably have a mouse problem. If you start finding dead mice in your home (that the cat did not drag in), consider yourself infested.
  • The Smell: Mice smell terrible. They use urine to navigate their trails within your walls and under your floorboards. Their nests and the surrounding areas often begin to smell strongly of ammonia.If you notice any of the above occurring in your home, you probably have an infestation. Even though the thought of finding furry invaders under your tree is not ideal, there is no need to panic. Orkin has your back! We will assess your home and determine the most efficient course of action to rid your home of mice once and for all. Just in time for the holidays!

    Call Orkin Pest Control!

    If you are thinking about stuffing your stockings with chocolate, candies and other sweet things that might attract pests, consider signing up for a Membership plan, to keep those critters out of your home! Call Orkin today for pricing and details!